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    IALRW Interfaith Seminar in Malaysia

    The International Association of Liberal Religious Women, a branch of the IARF and one of the oldest interfaith women’s organizations in the world (founded in 1910), co-organized an interfaith seminar in Malaysia on 7-8 February.  The seminar brought together women from Malaysia, Yemen, Myanmar, Cashmere, Sri Lanka, Japan and Europe, and included two public sessions: “Plight […]

    Japan: Memorial Symposium on the 200th JLC Meeting

    Below you will find a report prepared by the Japan Liaison Committee of the IARF (you can read more about it here) from its most recent symposium. Date: 9th October, 2016  14:00-17:00 Place: Hall of Soryo, Ittoen, Kyoto Theme: Eliminate the Borders ~ Actual Situation of Refugees in Japan A symposium in commemoration of the […]

    British Chapter meeting: EME Conference and Week of Prayer for World Peace

    Watch our “Conference at a glance” video On Thursday 20 October, at Essex Unitarian Church in Kensington, London, the British Chapter and the Peace Commission of the IARF hosted a report on the August Europe and Middle East IARF Conference in Macedonia, Religion and Conflict Prevention. Speakers were former IARF International Council member Dr. Shlomo Alon […]

    IARF Kenya Chapter: Mission to West Pokot

    Below you will find a short report from our Kenya Chapter about their recent activities. Our two-day travel for the interfaith, peace and human rights education program to West Pokot, Kenya began on 1 June. West Pokot lies almost 700 km or about 400 miles away from Nairobi, the Capital city of Kenya. The trip was initially […]

    EME Regional Conference 2016: Programme and Registration

    The quadrennial conference of the EME, IARF’s Europe and Middle East region, will be held on 22-25 August 2016 in Tetovo, FYR Macedonia. It will be hosted by the Bektashi Community and the Evropa Centre for Human Rights. The theme will be Religion and Conflict Prevention. You will find the programme and other details here. […]

    Training of Trainers in Human Rights and Interfaith Peace

    On the 24th and 25th of October the Kenya Chapter of IARF held a training event concerning human rights and interfaith peace. Here you can read the full report (PDF,  1MB).

    Human Rights Day in Malakapuram, India

    Below is a short report written by Narava Paska Rao, chairman of the BV Foundation for Peace and Harmony, from its 2015 Human Rights Day celebration. The BV Foundation for Peace and Harmony, a member group of IARF India, organised a meeting to observe the Human Rights Day at St. Ann’s College for Women in Malakapuram on Thursday […]

    EME Region Conference 2016: First Announcement

    The next IARF Europe and Middle East Region Conference will be held on 22 – 25 August 2016 in Skopje and Tetovo, Macedonia, in collaboration with our local member group, the Bektashi Order (here you can read about IARF’s delegation recent visit to the region which included, among other things, preparations for the Conference). The […]

    Pakistan Chapter’s Peace Day Celebration

    Briefly about IARF Pakistan: IARF Pakistan strives to promote peace and harmony among Islam and minority religions, including many Christians, Bahai, Sikh and others. Bahai and Sikh have proper relations and coexist well with Muslims, but there are tensions between the Muslim and Christian communities. We organize peace meetings with representatives of all faiths to discuss and promote tolerance […]

    Visit to the Bektashi Order (Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania)

    On 2 – 7 September 2015 IARF delegation paid an official visit to the Bektashi Order in Macedonia, an IARF Member Group, as well as its sister communities in Albania and Kosovo. The delegation consisted of Wytske Dijkstra, IARF President and Derek McAuley, the chairman of our Europe and the Middle East region. Arben Sulejmani, chair of the […]