IARF-US Launches Monthly Discussion Series

The US Chapter of the International Association for Religious Freedom is excited to announce a new monthly discussion series. On the third Wednesday of each month between April and December 2024, presenters will share their personal global spiritualities or alternately provide suggestions for how to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)—an essential element for maintaining humanity’s spiritual freedom. 

The one-hour sessions will begin at 4pm (PDT) on the designated dates, and attendees are welcome to listen or participate in the discussions following each presentation.

April 17
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
John Young describes his daily and weekly spirituality practices drawn from many of the world's major religions.
May 15
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
George Garland talks about the role of the US Commission on Religious Freedom.
June 19
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
Professor Kunihito Terasawa discusses his combined practices of Rissho Kosei Kai Buddhism and Evangelical Lutheranism.
July 19
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
George Garland addresses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Planetary Boundaries - A Safe Space for Spirituality.
August 21
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
Rahul Young discusses SDG #7: Affordable and Clean Energy - Electrifying America.
September 18
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
Stephen Schwichow describes how he combines his Buddhist practices with his UU membership.
October 16
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
Leela Stake addresses SDG #5: Gender Equality.
November 20
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
Betsy Darr shares her experience of being a UU Pagan.
December 18
4:00 PM PDT (UTC-7)
John Young discusses how indigenous spiritual traditions can participate in inter-religious dialogue.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from speakers with varied backgrounds and experiences, fostering a rich dialogue on the intersection of spirituality and global sustainability.

To participate in this engaging series, individuals can request the Zoom link by emailing Rev. John Young at johnlyoung43@gmail.com. You can also contact Rev. Young on our Community Platform.

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