Individual Membership Form

What is individual membership?

While the primary framework for individual membership lies within the Chapters, there are provisions for those who may not be able or willing to join a Chapter but still desire to support the Association and demonstrate their connection to its mission and values.

How to become an individual member?

To become an individual member, please buy the membership subscription here and submit the form below.

Membership dues

Individual members are expected to contribute financially to the organization. The minimal annual contribution is determined by the resolution on membership fees adopted by the International Council. Currently it is 20 GBP per year. However, the Council has the authority to relieve an individual from this financial obligation for a given year.

Rights of individual members

Joining as an Individual Member offers a unique gateway into our inclusive Community Platform, a vibrant nexus uniting members and member organizations across a diverse range of faith traditions and countries. This membership invites you to actively engage in all activities organized by the IARF. You will have the privilege to attend Council meetings and General Meetings as an observer, fostering deeper understanding and connections within our community. Members are also eligible to apply for temporary grounds passes necessary to access UN events in Geneva and New York. Additionally, the right to directly contact IARF officers with inquiries allows for a more personalized interaction and insight into our operations. Exclusive access to a wealth of resources—books, papers, courses, and more—reserved solely for our members, further enhances the value of being part of our international network. This membership is an invitation to deepen your involvement in a community committed to fostering liberal religion, interfaith dialogue and religious freedom, offering a platform for personal growth, networking, and active participation in our collective mission.

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