BV Foundation Commemorates International Day of Peace 2023

The BV Foundation for Peace and Harmony, a member group of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF), hosted a special event in honor of the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2023. The event was conducted at SVVP Degree College in MVP Colony, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, under the chairmanship of Prof. Prakasa Rao.

Lighting the Lamp of Peace
The day began with the time-honored tradition of lighting a lamp to signify the commencement of the celebrations. Dr. K. Jagadeshwara Rao, the Principal of SVVP Degree College, served as the chief guest for the occasion. A multi-faith prayer session was conducted to unite all attendees in a solemn commitment to peace.

Advocating for Global Harmony
The focal point of the event was a series of speeches highlighting the critical need for fostering global peace. Prof. Prakasa Rao took the audience on a historical journey, elaborating that the International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 1981. The goal behind this designation is to promote nonviolence, peace, and ceasefire among nations and individuals worldwide.

This Year’s Theme: End Racism and Build Peace
The current year’s theme resonated strongly with the audience, emphasizing the necessity to “End Racism and Build Peace.” Prof. Rao stressed that maintaining social harmony is of utmost importance, especially in an era where antisocial elements are disturbing the peace through violent activities.

Allocating Resources for Peace Over War
The speakers also discussed how nations often allocate extensive budgets for defense at the expense of vital sectors such as healthcare, food security, social welfare, and education. They argued for a reevaluation of priorities, emphasizing the significance of peace for societal wellbeing.

A Standing Ovation for UNO’s Efforts
Dr. K. Jagadeshwara Rao applauded the relentless efforts made by the United Nations to uphold peace despite numerous challenges. He suggested that educational institutions have a pivotal role to play in sensitizing the youth about methods to maintain global peace.

Taking the Peace Pledge
The event concluded with all attendees taking a pledge for peace, thereby symbolizing a collective commitment to promoting harmony across communities, nations, and religions.

For more information on upcoming events and how you can participate, please contact the BV Foundation at

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