Establishing a New Chapter

What is a Chapter?

Chapters are the main framework for individual membership in the Association, created to further advance the mission and objectives of IARF in a specific region. Typically, a Chapter’s area of operation is limited to a state. You can read more about Chapters and other forms of membership in the IARF here. Here you will find an example of a Chapter constitution. Please contact us if you have any questions.


A Chapter may be established by a group of at least 25 adult individuals. It’s not a requirement for a Chapter to be incorporated, though this is recommended. Importantly, a Chapter must operate under a public constitution, produce annual financial reports, and implement a democratic governance structure.

In principle, only one Chapter can be established per state. However, in certain exceptional circumstances, the International Council may permit the establishment of multiple Chapters within a single state. This decision will involve a careful review of the proposal from the interested group and consultation with representatives of the existing Chapter. 

To start a new Chapter, a representative of the founding members must submit the Chapter application form below. The submission should include signatures of the required number of individuals and a draft of the Chapter’s constitution. The Administrator will assist prospective Chapters in meeting these requirements.

Application Form

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