We have a Chapter in India as well as the RFYN, our young-adult network. Running a variety of programmes, they focus on human rights education, interfaith dialogue and minority groups.

In Japan, our member organizations form the JLC – the Japanese Lianson Committee, which is their framework for collaboration. There is also a Japanese Chapter, consisting of individual members in Japan. The projects focus on interfaith dialogue, youth exchanges and charitable action.


Europe and the Middle East form one region under Foundation IARF Europa. The region organizes quadrennial conferences, study tours, workshops and is actively involved in the work of international bodies as well as protecting rights of minorities, such as the Bektashi in Macedonia.

The IARF has been supporting the projects of the Interfaith Encounter Association, our member group organizing dialogue opportunities for Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Holy Land.

IARF’s Chapter in Kenya, one of our younger ones, brings together people of different religions, works on stimulating interfaith dialogue, supports human rights educations efforts, is active against Female Genital Mutilation and organizes aid for the poor of Nairobi, especially now during the pandemic.

Alongside the Kenya Chapter, the Pakistan Chapter is one of the younger organizations within IARF. It focuses on bringing people of different faiths together to make a stand for religious freedom and peace in a divided society.

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