The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF), the world’s first international inter-religious organization. We promote and support the work of individuals in the cause of religious freedom. We wish to foster personal commitment to action in everyone. We will always respect the position of any individual and the traditions of our member groups and faith groups worldwide.

We have a century-plus history of encouraging tolerance & interfaith encounter through dialogue & social justice projects. Since our founding in 1900, various faith traditions have been represented in our member groups, Chapters and young adult network.

Human Rights

It is our fundamental aim to protect Religious Freedom as described in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we should create awareness of the duties and responsibilities that this implies. We must become advocates against the violation of this human right. This is the journey of a human being to being human.


The young people of the world will be tomorrow’s leaders, so it is important that they are helped to understand the responsibilities that we all have in any civil society to respect other faiths and humanity in general. To achieve this goal, we recognise the great benefits of cultural exchange and the need to train young people to become advocates for human rights and peace.

Minority Religions

It is fundamental to the objectives of the IARF that we support members of religions who have become an oppressed minority in the own society. To this end, we wish to compile and maintain a record of all such situations and then take steps to address the needs of such people.

Interfaith Dialogue

The IARF is the world’s first international interfaith organization, and it has been our mission from the outset to bring people of different religions together, creating possibilities for exchange of ideas and common actions. We appreciate diversity and support all efforts to overcome hostility and bring about reconciliation. 


Our Work Around the World

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