Limits of Religious Freedom and Tolerance: IARF EME Conference 2025

The International Association for Religious Freedom is pleased to announce that its Europe and Middle East (EME) region will hold its quadrennial conference in September 2025 in Frankfurt and Offenbach am Main, Germany. The conference will be hosted by several German IARF member groups, led by the Frei-religiöse Gemeinde Offenbach, which will be celebrating its 180th anniversary during this time.

Building upon the success and lessons learned from the 2023 IARF Congress, the 2025 EME Regional Conference will be the first hybrid conference, allowing members from all regions to participate and contribute. The event will consist of a Pre-Conference Tour on 9-11 September 2025, followed by the main programme on 12-14 September (please note that arrival and departure dates are one day earlier or later, respectively).

The theme for the conference, “Limits of Religious Freedom and Tolerance,” was selected through a participatory process involving all EME members. The Organising Committee is diligently working on the programme details and logistics, with registration set to open soon. Interested participants are encouraged to subscribe to the IARF newsletter for updates and to check the official website for more information as it becomes available. The committee also welcomes volunteers who wish to contribute their expertise and enthusiasm in shaping an exceptional conference program.

The upcoming conference follows in the footsteps of previous successful EME conferences, such as the 2021 online conference Does Religion set you Free?, the 2016 conference in Tetovo, Northern Macedonia, titled Religion and Conflict Prevention, and the 2012 conference in Elspeet, the Netherlands.

For those interested in contributing to the conference preparations, please contact Rev. Pascal Schilling at or IARF Secretary Luke Liniewicz at The EME region looks forward to promoting growth, connection, and mutual understanding through this conference while putting liberal religion in the spotlight.

The Date

Pre-Conference Tour:
9-11 September 2025 
(Arrival date: 8 September)

12-14 September 2025
(Arrival date: 11 September
Departure date: 15 September)

The Hosts

A coalition of German Member Groups of the IARF led by the Frei-religiöse Gemeinde Offenbach and the EME. The congregation is founded on the principles of freedom of religion and the inherent worth of every individual. It advocates for a free belief system that embraces scientific knowledge while acknowledging the human capacity to unite reason and emotion in the religious experience. Central to its philosophy is the idea that religion fosters a sense of moral responsibility, serving as the spiritual and emotional foundation for the religious individual. The Frei-religiöse Gemeinde Offenbach welcomes all interested individuals to engage with the congregation and explore the principles of free religion.

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