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    Persecution of Unitarians in Burundi

    The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, many of whose member churches are also members of the IARF – has reported on November 19 that Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana, pastor of the Unitarian Church of Burundi, was arrested from the church at gunpoint, taken into police custody and interrogated severely, regarding the activities of his church …. was threatened with physical harm […]

    Interreligious Harmony Week 2014 – Dhaka rally

    Interreligious Harmony RallyCampus of the University of Dhaka2 February 2014     Dear Peace-loving brothers and sisters of the world, Please accept my greetings of peace. On the occasion of Interreligious Harmony Week declared by the United Nations, The Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (CIID) of the Department of World Religions and Culture of […]

    Bangladesh attacks on Hindus condemned

    “Dear Peace Loving People of the World, The Executive Communities of International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF), United Religions Initiative (URI) and Religions for Peace (RfP) Bangladesh in an emergency joint meeting condemned with the strongest possible language against the atrocities done towards the Hindu communities in the recent past particularly, on the 2nd November, 2013 […]

    British Chapter committee member elected to IFN-UK Executive

    1 July 2013The British Chapter of IARF has congratulated committee member Derek McAuley on his election to the Executive Committee of the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom. The Inter Faith Network plays a key role in promoting good relations between people of different faiths in this country and advancing public knowledge and mutual […]

    British parliamentary RF group launch report

    The newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious Freedom launched a report at the House of Lords on Wednesday, 26 June 2013, revealing that millions of people in 184 countries have experienced aggression or intimidation because their beliefs. Article 18: An Orphaned Right      

    Launch of Human Rights Resource Centre (HRRC)

     Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh, India On Thursday 8 August 2013, a multi-part event marked a new phase in the Human Rights work of RFYN (IARF’s youth network) in India. HRRC Launch Report RFYN Leaders’ Gathering post-HRRC Launch Council member Br. Albert Xaviour, young adult representative on IARF’s international governing board, organized the event, with the indispensable help of […]

    Tehmina Kazi on Religion, Religious Freedom and Secularism

      Religion, Religious Freedom and Secularism – by Tehmina Kazi This article appeared in the March 2013 edition of the IARF British Chapter’s Newsletter and IARF Peacemaking Commission News For the last three and a half years, I have been the Director of a registered charity named British Muslims for Secular Democracy. When I tell […]

    Guidelines for arranging group visits to Houses of Worship

      From Scarboro Missions, comprehensive guidelines for visiting houses of worship of various faiths, authored by renowned Canadian multifaith educator, JW Windland.          

    TEDx ViadellaConciliazione

      Does faith matter in  the Technological, Entertained and Designed world? Can religion help to break down barriers and disunity among individuals and nations?  

    President joins signatories to G8 letter

    IARF President Most Rev. Mitsuo Miyake and Council member Rev. Takeshi Nishida were among 80 religious leaders signatory to a letter to the Financial Times urging G8 countries to follow the UK in meeting existing commitments to spend 0.7% of national income on aid. Original FT article requires subscription to view, but this story is reported on […]