Launch of Human Rights Resource Centre (HRRC)

 Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh, India

On Thursday 8 August 2013, a multi-part event marked a new phase in the Human Rights work of RFYN (IARF’s youth network) in India.

Council member Br. Albert Xaviour, young adult representative on IARF’s international governing board, organized the event, with the indispensable help of his team of co-workers Janhvi Gupte, Immanuel Manish, Kausrajan, Clinton Moses, Vijaysinh N. Dhandhukiya, Yashika Kim, Sathya Narayanan, G. Vishnupriya & Ruzbeh Vistasp Hodiwala.

The event comprised: 

1. Inauguration of new Human Rights Resource Centre
Office space at Angelo Institute outside Hindupur, Andhra P., has been donated by Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, India (SHJ-India), and will provide a base for trainings of young adults across several states.

2. Launch of new Human Rights Education handbook & CD for trainees
The handbook will be used as a training manual for all programs to be offered by RFYN through its network.

3. Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day
Observance of the Day (August 6th), with ceremony of remembrance.

4. Interfaith Dialogue
Involving local religious leaders answering questions from RFYN young adults, this ‘multi-logue’ will mark the inception of a new branch of IARF-India Chapter, for the town of Hindupur (Angelo Institute is located just outside Hindupur).

5. RFYN gathering
Members of our young adult network from around the country will hold planning and training sessions over two days.

Dignitaries attending:

    • Smt. Meera C. Saksena, Hon. Member, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission (SHRC);
    • Most Rev. Dr. Antony Poola, Bishop of Kurnool;
    • Sri S. Satyanarayana, Joint Collector & Addl. District Magistrate, Anantapur;
    • Rev. Bro. A. Victordoss, Superior-General & President, SHJ-India;
    • Adv. V. Rengapashyam, IARF Council member;
    • Rev. Bro. Edward Francis SHJ, Provincial Superior, Angelo Province, SHJ-India;, Trichy;
    • Mr. Chandra Mohan, Chairman & Founder, BIT Institute;
    • Rajayogini B.K. Sugandhaji, Centre In-charge, Brahma Kumaris, Hindupur;
    • Rev. Praveen Choudary Chaparala, Senior Pastor, Maranatha Visvasa Samajam Church;
    • Mr. Noor Shareef, School Asst., Azizia MPL Urdu High School;
    • Rev. Fr. Selvaraj SJ, Parish Priest, Hindupur;
    • Rev. Br. Michael Raj SHJ, Secretary, Caussanel Province.

      A message of congratulations was received from Dr. Rahul Rai, Director of the Indian Institute of Human Rights:

“On the occasion of the establishment of The Human Rights Resource Centre
(HRRC) under the aegis of the International Association For Religious Freedom (IARF),
I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to HRRC and its functionaries.
Human Rights Education lies at the heart of our efforts to build a society based on
the twin principles of Justice and Equity. The endeavour of HRRC in partnership
with Brothers of Sacred Heart of Jesus to promote Human Rights Education will go a
long way in creating a culture of respect for Fundamental Human Rights”.

Dr. Rahul Rai
Dr. Rai speaking last year

IARF welcomes warmly the practical as well as moral support extended by Rev. Bro. Victordass, Superior-General of BSHJI, in the form of office space for the centre, and anticipates a fruitful collaboration toward the mutual goals of our respective organisations.

And RFYN-India youth network acknowledges with much gratitude the gift of INR 276,000 (GBP3,000) from the UK-based International Interfaith Centre, an old colleague of IARF in Oxford days, toward the outfitting of the centre.  

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