Interreligious Harmony Week 2014 – Dhaka rally

Interreligious Harmony Rally
Campus of the University of Dhaka
2 February 2014

Bangladesh Chptr rally 2feb14 - ii
Prof. Kazi with mike (left)

Bangladesh Chptr rally 2feb14 - i 


Dear Peace-loving brothers and sisters of the world,

Please accept my greetings of peace.

On the occasion of Interreligious Harmony Week declared by the United Nations,

The Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (CIID) of the Department of World Religions and Culture of the University of Dhaka, in collaboration with International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF), United Religions Initiative (URI), Religions for Peace(RfP) and Warm Heart Association  Bangladesh (WHAB), held an INTERRELIGIOUS HARMONY RALLY on February 2, in the campus of the University of Dhaka.
The Rally was inaugurated by Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique,the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Speaking on the occasion were:
Professor Hirendra Nath Biswas,President of National Hindu Reformation Society; Professor Sumonkati Barua, a reputed Buddhist scholar; Bhai Manjit Singh of Gurudwara Nanakshahi, Dhaka; Professor Father Tapan De Rozario of the Departmet of World Religions; Professor Muhammad Elius of the same Department; and Professor KAM  Saaduddin, a renowned sociologist of Bangladesh.

Many distinguished professors including Professor Azizun Nahar Islam, Professor Nusrat Sultana and Professor Mahbubur Rahman, and hundreds of students joined this Rally.
Professor Kazi Nurul Islam conducted the whole programme.
Different electronic and printed media gave massive coverage of this Rally.

Please pray to God so that we can continue our endeavour to promote world peace and harmony.

With regards to all of you.

Yours in peace

Kazi Nurul Islam

[Chair of IARF Bangladesh Chapter]




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