President’s New Year message 2015

Dear friends in IARF,

The IARF World Congress 2014 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, has marked the end of a transition period in which IARF came to grips with the fact that it is currently an organisation run almost entirely by volunteers.

We are fortunate to have retained financial support from many of our member groups, especially those from Japan, for the duration of the process. In 2015, we shall be entering a new era.

At the World Congress, we have shown our potential in human resource and vision. Now, we shall have to capitalise on this. It will be my aim to bring IARF from a period of recapitulation and reflection into an era of renewed action.

Friends, when we parted in Birmingham I made an appeal to you not to stop there, but to continue on our path of religious freedom.
In 2015, let us share our vision of a world where diversity is enjoyed, where every religion is equally respected, and where peace emanates from the spirituality essentially carried within all human beings.

I wish you all a happy new year.

Wytske Dijkstra,
IARF president

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