We could invite submissions for an essay or academic paper contest on a specific topic, e.g. “What is Liberal Religion” – or any other that is connected to our profile and mission. We could do it annually and offer some monetary awards as well as perhaps work with a journal that would find the theme interesting to have the winning submissions published there. The monetary awards could be 250/500/1000 EUR and we could try and raise funds for them or simply treat it as a programme expense – it wouldn’t be very expensive compared to grants that we used to give, for example. And it could be less money too, depending on what we’d learn after doing some research.

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Can a purpose for religion be deduced?

Religion largely aims to instill the Golden Rule, emphasizing compassion across different traditions, as highlighted on Karen Armstrong’s CharterforCompassion.org. This ethos, promoting altruism, drives human survival and outlines initiatives like the Unitarian Universalist Association’s commitment to transforming the world through liberating love, addressing global ills such as hate, greed, and social inequalities.

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