HRET at Sri Venkateshwara

@Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET), Tiruvallur, Chennai: 

Human Rights Education training
 22-23 November 2012

Facilitator: Bro. Albert Xaviour

This training event is among the first in a new initiative in the IARF HRE program, by the young adult network RFYN, to match IARF central funding with self-funding / local contributions.
Its report below is among the first in the overall IARF HRE program to feature all event costings & expenditure (Please see the table on the final report page for figures that show how these events have achieved this self-funding initiative’s goal).


Sri Venkateshwara College HRET – slides from IARF on Vimeo.

Report (PDF 3 pages, illustrated)

Related HRE-RFYN events

International Human Rights Day
10 December 2012

 IARF Council member Adv. V. Rengapashyam and college Placement Officer James Manoharan spoke to an audience consisting of the participants in the above HRE training plus other interested students. The founder and Chairman of Sri Venkateshwara College, Dr. K.C. Vasudevan, attended together with other staff.


James Manohar on IHRD at Venkateshwara
James Manoharan on IHRD at Venkateshwara





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