First Kenya Chapter upcountry events


  • South Nyanza Region interfaith program – Report (PDF 3 pages, illustrated)
  • Human Rights Education event, Kitale


Chapter Secretary’s Introductory Address

To our distinguished guest, leaders and the IARF members, Shalom!

I would first want to acknowledge the presence on the stage of Hon. Governor, County Representative, area OCPD, Chief and other distinguished  guests.

I also recognize the presence of IARF Kenya Chapter national official. I salute you all for accepting our request to attend this meeting. Welcome!

Let me also take this chance to thank the president of IARF the Most Rev. Mitsuo Miyake, the Guji Takahiro Miwa, Bishop Jefferson Ghauri, and the Administrator at the secretariat office for their support towards the formation of the IARF Kenya Chapter and to the entire membership of the IARF Council.

I would also like to recognize the membership of the IARF council who participated in the voting in the formation this chapter.

Let me bring to your attention that this is the second event IARF Kenya Chapter is holding this year since its formation in July this year 2013. There are many events to happen in different parts of our country Kenya and in the whole of the African continent by next year 2014 and years to come. I thank all of you for taking your time to be an IARF community in Kenya.

I therefore thank all members who have demonstrated their interest in joining the IARF community in Kenya.

As IARF community, we are committed to the fulfilment of the mission of the IARF in Africa as a whole.

It is indeed the case that the wider world now receives our news through networks. They have clearly shown that our IARF Kenya Chapter has started  its activities to fulfil the IARF agendas and promises for a greater future.

  1. Press statements regarding the Westgate terrorist attack.
  2.  Interfaith education seminar in South Nyanza Region.
  3.  Human Rights Education in Kitale, North Rift Region.

And therefore, it has became clear elsewhere in the world, that IARF Kenya chapter as a multi-religious organization has taken initiatives in education on human rights through inter-religious co-operation.

These are going to be advantage of wider regional as a development of our country Kenya and global community.

We as IARF Kenya chapter are so keen in playing part in promoting the liberal position. By turning out to events such as the Human Right Education, interfaith seminars, acting on issues that arise like the Westgate Mall attack, we have clearly shown our conviction that one of the critical issues at this historical moment is our association’s agenda or cause – the promotion of free and cordial engagement, exchange of views, and mutual tolerance and understanding between diverse co-existing religious communities.

 I therefore welcome you all with regard for your involvement, and look forward to our being able to spread many further activities of this kind in partnership with you all, leaders religious  and the entire communities around this region.

 Thank you and welcome. May God bless you all.

Rev. Lawrence Adera, 
IARF Kenya Chapter Secretary


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