United Nations HRC 2012: Joint NGO Statement on Human Rights Education

@21st Session of the Human Rights Council, Geneva

September 2012

Joint Oral Statement by 21 organisations, including IARF:

The World Programme for Human Rights Education [WPHRE] is an essential tool for
implementing the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training, a new
normative reference for the international community.

We affirm that human rights education and training in non-formal and formal
settings benefit both young and elderly, and is a life-long process…

We encourage all governments both at national and local levels to devote
themselves to the effective implementation of human rights education and training.
Establishing and making best use of national focal points, strategies and plans of
action are key elements to fulfil this accountability.

We… emphasise the need for a monitoring and evaluation process in order to maximise the long-term
impact of human rights education.


NGOs’ Joint Oral Statement on Human Rights Education (full statement – PDF, 2 pages)




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