• RFYN Interfaith Peace Rally

    Chennai seafront
    23rd January 2013 
    Co-ordinators:  Krishnan Ramachandran, Anbumani Arumugam, Nitya Saheba

    The rally was held in consonance with the UN declared Interfaith Harmony Week (February every year) to be observed by organisations across the world.

    We are happy that the rally attracted 800-odd students from 3 districts in and around Chennai city. There was representation from the Ramakrishna Math, Brahma Kumari’s, Jain monks, Buddhist monks from Burma based in Chennai, from the Archbishop of Chennai, from Islam.

    All the religious and inter-faith leaders present agreed to meet again in the near future for a longer  program to create awareness among the younger generation for a better environment.

    Report (PDF 7 pages, illustrated): RFYN Interfaith Peace Rally Report (23 January 2013)

    Photos (Picasa link)




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