Introducing our New Community Platform on!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a community platform to our official website, This platform is designed to foster stronger connections, promote grassroots activities, and provide our volunteers with efficient teamwork tools.


Every member of a Member Group or a Chapter, an individual member, or a registered Congress participant is encouraged to register here. You can easily sign up using your email or Google account. Please allow a few hours for our admin to approve your account. Until it is approved, you will only be able to edit your profile inforfmation.

Profile Setup

To maintain a community based on transparency and trust, we kindly request members to upload a photo of themselves and write a short bio entry. This not only verifies your membership but also helps other members to know you better!

Purpose of the Community Platform

Our goal with this platform is multi-fold. We aim to:

  • Make it easier for individual members to connect with other members worldwide
  • Encourage members to write content for the website
  • Boost grassroots activities
  • Enhance the online event experience for events like the upcoming Congress in Cluj Faith in Reconciliation, the recent European Regional Conference Does Religion Make You Free, inter-member events like the conference held together by the Japan Chapter, RFYN and the India Chapter earlier this year, the IARF Dialogues series, and more.
  • Make collaboration for our volunteers easier by giving them access to teamwork tools
  • Stimulate collaboration within the organisation

What can you do on our Community Platform?

Once registered, you can:

  • View and message other members here
  • Submit content for the website (all content will be reviewed by a moderator, unless you are an editor)
  • Join social and work groups here
  • Share your thoughts, pictures, videos, and other files
  • Announce events and meetings and participate in events held by other groups, and browse an event calendar

...and much more!

Ongoing Development

Please note that our community platform is still in the developmental phase. Our Administrator Luke is diligently working on it to improve and perfect the user experience. As we're still in the testing phase, the user base may not be extensive yet - but we are hoping for this to change very soon!

Luke would greatly appreciate any feedback and would be happy to answer all questions or provide individual support in registering and using the platform. Please contact him through a message on, send an email to, or contact him on WhatsApp at +31641744951.

We believe that this community platform will revolutionize the way we interact, communicate, and collaborate. So, sign up today, and let's build a stronger and more connected IARF together!

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