International Council Meeting 2016

The International Council, our executive body elected at quadrennial World Congresses and currently comprising 11 members from various regions and faith communities to reflect our diversity (read more on the Governance page), had its annual meeting on 12-13 April in Kaag, the Netherlands.

As always, it was an occasion to share experiences, concerns and ideas, and savour the atmosphere of diversity and friendship that IARF strives to promote. This year the work focused on finding new and creative ways of reaching out to partners, both sponsors and potential grantees, to use the knowledge and experience we have acquired through decades of work to make a difference in new areas and assist new communities.

The Council evaluated collaboration with current project partners and decided to award grants to our Kenyan, Pakistani, Israeli, Indian and Bangladeshi member groups (more about that to come in event reports).

Another important issue concerned preparations for the next World Congress. The event, currently held every four years in different countries, brings together representatives of our diverse member organizations and partners to learn, worship and plan together, and share the multifarious traditions and experiences that make up IARF (read more in the Congress section of the website). The next Congress will be held in 2018. The venue and more detailed information will be published as soon as possible.

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