Dutch Chapter seminar report

2012 Thursday, October 4th
 Apostolic Society, Azielaan 155, 3526 SG Utrecht

Theme: Religion and Diversity: Strength or Dilemma?”

IARF Dutch Chapter and her partners in Interfaith Dialogue, express their gratitude to The Apostolic Society in Utrecht, The Netherlands for hosting and sponsoring the seminar.

The Keynote speech – “Pussy Riot and the refusing civil servant – Liberal emancipation, a dilemma?” (PDF 17 pages, Dutch language) – was given by Professor Theo de Wit (Tilburg University).

Responses came from:

Each also offered a contribution in the workshop session.
IARF.4.10.2012.workshops.suggestions and conclusions

President of the meeting was Tom Mikkers (general secretary Remonstrants Brotherhood). 
New was the presence of 25 students from Utrecht University for applied Sciences and their Supervisor Mrs Ella van ‘t Hof. All are Dutch-speaking, and from different (ethnic) backgrounds. For one semester they work on the subject “Islam in society today”. Many of them attended this kind of meeting for the first time.
Reaction: “It would be interesting to have such a meeting every year!”

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