Tri-People Educational Tour – Philippines

21 – 28 April, 2003

Twenty-four young adults took part in a spiritual tour that also included leadership training & teambuilding.

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Philippines Tri-Educational Tour 2003
Leadership Training for the participants
Leadership Training for the participants

 Participants included representatives of ten tribes of Indigenous People, four major tribes of Muslims from Mindanao, Christians from the Visayas, and another Indigenous young adult from Luzon in the north.

Observing the worship of the Iranum Tribe







Three young adults from each island were elected together with a young adult coordinator, with the aim of encouraging further collaborative projects.

These young people visited sites of spiritual interest and gained a deeper understanding of each other’s belief traditions. The outcomes of this tour were very promising.

 IARF funded this project, which involved a member of our International Council plus two of the organisation’s regional coordinators in the Philippines.

After visiting a Mosque
After visiting a Mosque


At the Sibulan Church
At the Sibulan Church












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