The President’s New Year Message

At a time when much of the world is in the darkness of Covid-19, its peoples call out for the faith and hope that religions can offer.  It is easy to be disheartened by what we see before us and yet, with many celebrating the light feasts of their tradition in this period of the year, those who believe can feel consoled by a higher power. We look forward to 2021 as a reawakening of the spirit of life. 

Those of us who are committed to the freedom of people everywhere to practice their faith without fear or threat can look forward with renewed enthusiasm to be the voice of the IARF. Last year, despite all the trials and tribulations, we made important improvements to who we are and how we work. Already, we are telling new stories of good and bad – to let the world know what is possible and what should not be happening. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. Let us work together to build a bright new future for the IARF and those we serve.

Robert Ince, IARF President


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