New Servetus title from IARF

Publication: On the martyr Servetus

State of the martyr Servetus at Annemasse, France
State of the martyr Servetus at Annemasse, France

2011 was the 500th Anniversary of the birth of Miguel Servetus (1511-1553), a Unitarian martyr for religious freedom, burned at the stake with his books in Geneva, 27 October, 1553…

Our British Chapter has collaborated to produce a festschrift titled “Servetus – Our 16th Century Contemporary” (PDF download), edited by Richard Boeke & Patrick Wynne-Jones, with contributions from Sandor Kovacs, Peter Morales, Richard Boeke, Peter Hughes, Jaume de Marcos.

Peter Morales with Servet festschrift
Peter Morales with Servet festschrift

A flyer with details for obtaining the printed version is here.

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