Motivational Dialogue #8: January the 24th at 4pm GMT

The next meeting in the second series of our Motivational Dialogues will be held on Sunday the 24th of January at 5pm CET on Zoom: (see below for different timezones). You can watch recordings of previous meetings on our Youtube Channel.

The formt is simple – a speaker talks for 10 to 20 minutes, and a conversation follows. These are open meetings and everyone is welcome to participate, ask questions and speak their mind.

The time of the meeting for different timezones:
PST (California): 8am
EST (Washington): 11am
GMT (UK): 4pm
CET (Central Europe): 5pm
IST (Israel): 6pm
IST (India): 9:30pm

The speaker will be Dr. Yehuda Stolov from the Interfaith Encounter Association, and IARF member group from Israel whose mission is to “build bridges between Jews, Muslims, Christians and others, based on tradition and culture without any political agenda.” Over the years, IEA has held innumerous interfaith encounters and inspired many forms of interreligious cooperation in the region. Dr. Stolov, the Executive Director and former Council Member of the IARF, will share with us some of the abundant experience the IEA accumulated pertaining to ways, tools and atitutedes that help bring people together even in the most challanging circumstances.

We hope to meet you there, and please follow our website and our Facebook page for details of upcoming meetings.

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