London Conference on plight of Sabian Mandaeans of Iraq

26th April 2012
House of Lords, London

IARF was contacted on 20 March 2012 by Dr Layla Alroomi, the spokesperson of the Mandaean Human Rights Group (MHRG), with a request to attend a conference regarding:

The plight of the Sabian Mandaeans of Iraq as a Religious, Ethnic and Linguistic minority …getting more serious. Since 2003 this small community has been exposed to a hate campaign by extremists. These continued acts of violence have forced 85% of these indigenous people of Iraqto leave mainly to neighbouring countries. Moreover due to the recent critical developments in Syria, the situation of the Mandaean refugees is getting very worrying with regard to their safety and survival.

Pejman Khojasteh from our British Chapter represented IARF at this conference, giving a presentation on the assistance that IARF can provide in terms of our consultative status with the UN’s ECOSOC.






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