Interfaith Ramadan event, Mysore 2003



[IARF India Chapter member group] “Forum for Harmony and Peace, Mysore organised Ramzan Id -e- Milan (Iftar) function on 23rd November, 2003. Hindus, Muslims and Christians, about 125 in all participated. Ms. Hemalatha welcomed the gathering. The function started with the breaking of fast (Iftar) with fruits, followed by Namaz (prayer) led by Priest Ali Janab Moulana Altaf Hussain.

After Namaz, Moulana Altaf Hussain and Rev. John Paul spoke on the significance of holy month of Ramzan and fasting and how it helps a person in self-control. Mr. N.L. Bharathi Shankar, Member of Legislative Assembly from T. Narasipur, Mysore was the Chief Guest. He expressed happiness that Forum for Harmony and Peace has organised Iftar in a unique manner; this was the first time that he had seen Iftar arranged involving Muslims, Hindus and Christians…

Mr. Mohammed Shabeer Ahmed spoke about the activities of Forum for Harmony and Peace and IARF. The programme ended with dinner”.


Interfaith Ramadan event, Mysore 2003

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