Inter-Religious Students Movement (IRSM) launched by Tirunelveli branch


The Tirunelveli Branch of IARF India Chapter launched an Inter-Religious Students Movement (IRSM) in different schools of Tirunelveli Town recently. The objective of the movement is to inculcate in young minds respect for humanity, universal brotherhood and understanding of religions and to promote inter-religious harmony and peace. Students from class VI to class XII are eligible to join the Movement.

Under the auspices of IRSM, the Branch oganised a Students Seminar on 22nd November, 2003 at Christu Jyothi Higher Secondary School, Tirunelveli. Nearly 300 students and 30 teachers from 13 schools took part.

The Seminar started with a prayer song and readings from Bhagavat Gita, Bible and Quran by the students. There were four sessions in the Seminar on the following themes:

1. “Life and Religion” and “Unity in Diversity”
2. What can you do for the society?
3. What should the students do to develop religious harmony?
4. Friendship

In each of the sessions there were introductory talks on the themes by the teachers followed by discussion and interaction with and among the students. After these sessions, an evaluation and feedback session was conducted for the students.

Mr. M. Subramaniam, President of IARF India chapter presided over the Concluding Function. Members from surrounding IARF Chapter Branches like Tenkasi, Palayamkotai, Ambasamudram, etc. were the guests. The students presented songs and dances. One of the students spoke on the topic “Life and Religion”. Prizes were given away to students who had done well in the Fine Arts Competition conducted in different schools through IRSM in the run up to the Seminar.

Report Summary by Zulfikhar Akram 
Co-ordinator, IARF SACC





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