In memory of Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola

Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola (1946-2016)
Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola (1946-2016)

The IARF has lost an exceptional member with the passing of Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola (1946-2016) who died on 24 February. She was a human rights activist, advocate of interfaith dialogue, a Unitarian minister and a scholar. Her involvement with the IARF began many years ago; she was active in our American Chapter and represented us at the UN in New York. You may get an insight into the inspirational personality, life and beliefs of this “technician of the sacred”, as she called herself, by visiting her website,

Doris Hunter from our American Chapter, who knew Rev. Orlanda for many years, has written the following commemorative note.

Members and Friends of the International Association for Religious Freedom were shocked to hear of the sudden death of the Rev. Dr. Orlanda Brugnola. She was a long time friend and supporter of IARF as well as IALRW serving on the board of the US Chapter, organizing workshops and giving lectures for international IARF Congress and for the US Chapter. As a Unitarian Universalist Minister she carried this love for world religions and her commitment to interfaith dialogue and understanding to local churches and to her students at John Jay College in New York City. She was a Renaissance spirit producing works of art, poetry and creative ideas designed to change the world. Orlanda’s interests were boundless and reflected not only an amazing intellectual ability but also an appreciation for the rich diversity of human culture. Above all, Orlanda was a faithful friend to everyone she met. Her presence spread grace to all who knew her. This world of ours is a better place because of her amazing life. Doris Hunter

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