Natalie Gulbrandsen Ministerial Scholarship for International Studies

Natalie Gulbrandsen

Ms. Gulbrandsen, former IARF President (1900-1993) served as the Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association from 1985 through 1993. She was actively involved in IARF-US Chapter activities and served for many years as co-chair of the Chapter. She was the recipient of many awards and recognitions including the IARF-US Award for Interfaith Cooperation in 1996.

The Natalie Gulbrandsen Ministerial Scholarship for International Studies, created by her children and friends, honors her commitment to strengthening international relations and developing a stronger world consciousness. Before her passing, Natalie was quoted as saying

throughout my lifetime, cross-cultural relationships and experiences have deepened my understanding of being human and being religious. I am so honored to have my name associated with a fund that will further the cause of Unitarian Universalism in the world and which will strengthen the commitment of our ministers to the global community.

Donations to the Natalie Gulbrandsen Ministerial Scholarship for International Studies may be sent to: Unitarian Universalist Association, 6th Floor, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108.

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