The 2008 meeting of representatives of International Interfaith Organisations (IION) was held in India from October 4th-7th at the Renewal Centre, Azad Road, Kochi, Kerala, in conjunction with the Assembly of the WORLD FELLOWSHIP OF INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCILS (WFIRC), which is a member of IION.

Report by Marcus Braybrooke – IION Kochi 2008  (PDF, 8 pages)

Report by TK Jyothiraj – IION Kochi 2008 (PDF, 2 pages)


IION meeting leaders

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Can a purpose for religion be deduced?

Religion largely aims to instill the Golden Rule, emphasizing compassion across different traditions, as highlighted on Karen Armstrong’s This ethos, promoting altruism, drives human survival and outlines initiatives like the Unitarian Universalist Association’s commitment to transforming the world through liberating love, addressing global ills such as hate, greed, and social inequalities.

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