Human Rights Awareness Drive by young adults, S. India

Awareness Drive on the Universal “Human Rights”

Place: Bangalore & Chennai, India

Date : 16th November 2014

Regional coordinators : Fareena Maria (Bangalore) & Vijay Sarathy (Chennai)

 On a Sunday morning when most people tend to sleep in and while away their time, a few young adults joined hands to step up and make a difference. The RFYN team from south-India decided to have an awareness drive on human rights as the majority of people in our country are unaware about it.

The awareness drive mainly involved people from 2 cities – Bangalore and Chennai. The drive was a 2 day event where people from both cities were educated using different means.

On Saturday (15th November 2014), a group of 25+ young adults gathered to make up banners and posters depicting the 30 articles as mentioned in the universal charter for human rights. These banners were then kept on display for  people to see and learn. These banners were also shared with people using social media. In this digital age, this was the most fastest and efficient means to increase curiosity among the youngsters. A lot of people wanted to know more about how they can do their bit to help others as well as how to manage when they witness a human rights violation.

On Sunday (16th November 2014), a group of 100+ young adults did a silent rally by holding up the banners. The march was for a period of 1 Hr 45 minutes and was on the shores of Marina Beach (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)  from the labor statue to the Gandhi statue. The whole rally was lead by RFYN (Fareena, Vijay, Sowmya, Satya, Sri ram and Satish) from both the cities. All the participants were given free tshirts with the quote “Keep calm and give everyone equal rights” so as to encourage participation. We had police vans driving alongside us for protection which also garnered extra attention for our cause. The public was intrigued and clicked pictures while a lot of them congratulated our efforts.

This event marked the beginning of many greater things yet to come. A small initiative that was taken by us to do whatever little we could to help ourselves and those around us.

See photos of the event on Facebook

Reported by –

          Fareena Maria & Vijay Sarathy





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