HRET-Women’s Day celebration

Human Rights Education & Training  
@BIRDS, Hirudaya Nilayam, Geddalahalli, Kothanur (PO), Bangalore-77
9-10 March 2013

It is a pleasure for IARF to work with BIRDS (see below) in celebrating International Women’s Day (8 March) with this two-day training program.

Organizers:   BIRDS and IARF

  •  Two-day intensive training.
  • Free handout materials &  hospitality provided
  • We will award attendance certificates to participants.
  • NGOs and MSW (Masters Social Work) students only
  • The medium of training is English

HRE Program includes:

  1. UDHR articles
  2. UDHR film
  3. Indian Fundamental Rights
  4. Women & Child Rights
  5. Awakening Once Rights
  6. Three short docudramas (films)

 HRE Program Methods

  1. PowerPoint presentation
  2. Videos
  3. Group Discussion & Presentation
  4. Role Play
  5. Activities (Ice-Breaking Sessions)

Women’s Day HRET 2013 program schedule

We invite you for this Human Rights Education &Training program

To know more about our HRE programs, kindly contact Bro. A. Savariraj SHJ, phone #91 9916602755, birdsbrothers [at]

BIRDS (Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society) is an official social work organ of the Sacred Heart Brothers Society, which belongs to the congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.
Established in the year 1997 to reach out to the poor and needy in remote parts of rural Bangalore, BIRDS is working among 100 poor and neglected villages of rural Bangalore, facilitating improvement in the quality of life of the women, youth and children from marginalized and oppressed communities. Completing one decade of dedicated service, BIRDS has created a silent impact on the lives of the poor.


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