German Unitarian General Assembly 2015 (The 29th ‘Unitariertag’)

WHEN:    Pentecost 2015  (22 to 25 May 2015 )
WHERE:  Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany ( city of the Niebelungs, vineyards, and the roots of the Free Protestant–Unitarian movement )



The Unitariertag is a unique chance to meet about 250 Unitarians and the independent Youth Group “Bund Deutsch Unitarischer  Jugend, BDUJ“.

We want to discuss in workshops and during the meeting  the needs of our members living in Germany and those in the diaspora who are challenged with a moving society leaving the mainstream Churches (Roman Catholic and Lutheran) and finding very often their answers to their questions  in esoteric, humanistic and non-confessional communities.

Artistic interpretation of the Sign of the ‘Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft’


Examples of Information Desk and Stalls  from Indianapolis  1996

Wolfgang Indianapolis 1996
The GA in Indianapolis 1996

 Wolfgang Indianapolis 1996 - 2

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