On October 2nd of every year Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated.  This is popularly called “Gandhi Jayanthi”.

Gandhiji is universally known as an apostle of peace.  On this day this year Khwaja Gharib-Un-Nawaz Inter-faith Centre (KGNWC) chose to arrange a talk by Mr.H.S. Doreswamy who is respected as a Gandhian and a freedom fighter.  He delivered a talk on “Gandhiji’s struggle for Communal Harmony and Inter-faith understanding”.


Report on Gandhi Jayanthi 2004 (PDF 2 pages)

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Can a purpose for religion be deduced?

Religion largely aims to instill the Golden Rule, emphasizing compassion across different traditions, as highlighted on Karen Armstrong’s CharterforCompassion.org. This ethos, promoting altruism, drives human survival and outlines initiatives like the Unitarian Universalist Association’s commitment to transforming the world through liberating love, addressing global ills such as hate, greed, and social inequalities.

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