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    Faith and Freedom – “a journal of progressive religion published at Harris Manchester College, Oxford”, has been produced regularly since 1947. It carries a mixture of articles covering theological, historical, religious and faith topics including sermons, poems and other pieces as well as regular reviews of new publications. The journal is now edited by David Steers.

    The journal is published twice a year. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber, an annual subscription in the UK costs £15 (a single issue can be purchased for £7.50, postage included). These can be had from the Business Manager: Rev Brian Cockroft, 51 Lakeview Manor, Newtownards, co. Down, BT23 4US. Please make payments to Faith and Freedom.

    Subscribers in the United States and Canada are very welcome; we have our own North American agent to facilitate this. An annual subscription (which covers two issues) costs $30.00, or you can pay $70.00 for three years. If you are interested please send a check to Faith and Freedom Agency, Mr E. Godfrey, 12706 42nd Ave NE, Seattle WA 98125 4623, USA.

    The latest issue, Spring and Summer 2012 (No. 174), is now available, and contains:

    Ending Religious Violence – Robert Traer

    “What’s Past Is Prologue”: James Luther Adams and the Unitarian Universalists – George Kimmich Beach

    The Parting of the Red Sea – Scott McKenna

    Beyond the Language of Monarchy – Dan C. West

    Robert Huddleston: the Bard of Moneyrea – Sandra Gilpin

    Spring – Season of Love, Birdsong, and the Spirits of the Field – Cliff Reed

    The Reformation. What Went Wrong? – Brendan Burke

    William Roscoe, James Irving and the Liverpool Slave Trade – David Steers

    An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump – Moyra Donaldson


    Rev. Dr. David Steers, Downpatrick, Ballee & Clough Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches
    Editor, Faith and Freedom



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