Reports on non-project events

Our member groups & Chapters arrange and participate in a variety of events related to both religious life and peace activism in their respective countries.


  • IARF 124th Annivesary Celebrated by BV Foundation for Peace and Harmony
    IARF 124th Formation Day celebrated by BV Foundation for Peace and Harmony in India, promoting interfaith harmony and coexistence.
  • Limits of Religious Freedom and Tolerance: IARF EME Conference 2025
    The IARF Europe and Middle East Regional Conference 2025 will explore the “Limits of Religious Freedom and Tolerance” in Frankfurt and Offenbach, Germany. This hybrid conference, hosted by German IARF member groups, will bring together members from all regions to discuss and promote liberal religion.
  • IARF-US Launches Monthly Discussion Series
    The US Chapter of the International Association for Religious Freedom is excited to announce a new monthly discussion series. On the third Wednesday of each month between April and December 2024, presenters will share their personal global spiritualities or alternately provide suggestions for how to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)—an essential element ...
  • Levels of Dialogue: Religious Experience in an Interfaith Context
    Join us on Zoom on 13 November All are invited to attend this joint Event of the British Chapter of the International Association for Religious Freedom and the World Congress of Faiths to mark Inter Faith Week on 13 November 2023 from 18.30-20.00 (UK time) on Zoom. You can register for the event and obtain the Zoom ...

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