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    Reports on non-project events

    Our member groups & Chapters arrange and participate in a variety of events related to both religious life and peace activism in their respective countries.


    • Registration and call for programme suggestions for the 45th Congress open: early registration discounts! Registration is now open for the Conference “Reimagining Interfaith Cooperation”, which will be held on 29 July – 31 August 2018 in Washington DC and incorporate the 35th World Congress of the IARF. Please fill in this form to register. You will benefit from early registration: there is a significant discount for those who register ...
    • Congress 2018: programme outline, venue and accommodation Congress 2018: programme outline, venue and accommodation
    • Save the Date: The 35th World Congress: August 2018, Washington DC We are pleased to announce the Interfaith Conference that will incorporate the 35th World Congress of the IARF: Reimagining Interfaith Cooperation. The Conference, to be held on 29 July – 1 August 2018 in Washington DC, USA, is a joint project of the IARF, the Unitarian Universalist Association, our member group, and our partners: the United Religions Initiative, the United Church ...
    • IALRW Interfaith Seminar in Malaysia The International Association of Liberal Religious Women, a branch of the IARF and one of the oldest interfaith women’s organizations in the world (founded in 1910), co-organized an interfaith seminar in Malaysia on 7-8 February.  The seminar brought together women from Malaysia, Yemen, Myanmar, Cashmere, Sri Lanka, Japan and Europe, and included two public sessions: “Plight ...

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