Council member addresses Bektashi Sufi symposium, Albania

Council member & Chair of our Europe & Middle East region, Rev. Drs. Wytske Dijkstra, was invited to attend & address on behalf of IARF a symposium of the Bektashi Sufi Order in Tirana, Albania, in commemoration of their late leader Haji Reshat Bardhi Dedebaba (1935–2011).

Wytske Dijkstra at centre, next to Haji Baba Edmond Brahimaj

The audience included the Prime Minister of Albania and other government ministers, civil servants, and representatives of religious denominations from several countries, also  Babas and Dervishes of the Bektashi community.

Rev. Drs. Dijkstra spoke on the memory of Dede Reshad Bardi, religious freedom, human rights, and the guiding principles of IARF.

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Address transcript



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