British Chapter meeting: EME Conference and Week of Prayer for World Peace

Watch our “Conference at a glance” video

On Thursday 20 October, at Essex Unitarian Church in Kensington, London, the British Chapter and the Peace Commission of the IARF hosted a report on the August Europe and Middle East IARF Conference in Macedonia, Religion and Conflict Prevention.

Speakers were former IARF International Council member Dr. Shlomo Alon from Israel and Derek McAuley, chair of IARF Europe and Middle East. Here you can learn more about the conference.

After a tea break, participants sat in a circle and each did a reading from the 2016 Week of Prayer for World Peace, 16 -23 October.

The British Chapter Annual Meeting will be held at 1 PM, Saturday, 10 December 2016 at Essex Hall. IARF President, Wytske Dijkstra, will be present and the speaker will be John Kinahan.

(Photo courtesy of Rev Sarah Tinker)

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