RFYN Action


We define the age range for young activists for freedom of faith & belief as 18 to 35.

What do they do? 

1.   Show interest in the cause of freedom of religion and belief;

2.   Take a first step (attending a local event – or even organising one yourself);

3.   Become more seriously engaged with the issues (see below);

4.   Stay regularly active;

5.   Act as  ‘resource people’ – not active, but on call to give assistance to newcomers.


Types of activity:

  • Research – Identify religious intolerance in your area/ country/ region, and contribute to:
    – publication in our blog and those of related organisations;
    – publicizing and campaigning using social media; 
    – fundraising for projects to overcome intolerance (see below).
  • Small-scale projects – Multi-faith teams (minimum 3) plan and carry out local activities (interfaith encounters, walks and meals, dialogues/ “multilogues”, etc.).
  • Larger multi-faith projects – For example our 2001/2 Gujarat project and Philippines educational study tour (see link below), which relied on external fundraising.

Our young adult network has a record of activity in the early-Noughties.

Some sample newsletters from the latter half of that decade:

At our Congress in India (Kochi, Kerala) in 2010 they elected a new leadership, who can be reached through Facebook.

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