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  • 33rd Congress held in Kochi, India – September 2010






Three films by the noted Mumbai documentary filmmaker & screenwriter Paromitha Vohra, these resources were created for our  flagship project The Shared Space of Human Rights & Religious Freedom, funded from 2004 to 2oo7 by the Dutch government, for consciousness-raising around religion-based injustice.

The films are aimed at communities affected by religion-based injustice. The project is ongoing in India over 2011-2013, and seeks both to learn from such communities what it means to have one’s rights to religious freedom denied, and also to help empower them to claim those rights.

Where is Home? touches the sensitive subject of sectarian violence resulting from communal tensions & prejudices, and how state officialdom often colludes (mostly through inaction), leading to dispossession. A family belonging to a religious minority is driven from their home in an inter-religion clash, and decides to move to a neighbouring country where they will be part of the religious majority. They relocate, and the teenage daughter befriends a girl from a religious minority there, only for her new friend’s family to suffer exactly as her own has: their home is destroyed by religious bigots, and the family driven away.


IARF – Where is Home? from UUA International on Vimeo.


Rita’s Choices tackles the issue of denial of dignity & personal choice of religion or belief, in a story about a new mother whose choice to baptise her baby in her husband’s faith leads to her dismissal from the school she teaches at.

IARF – Rita’s Choices from UUA International on Vimeo.


Sacred Grove‘, starts with the destruction of the sacred forest space of a tribe, and goes on to explore other aspects of the widespread non-recognition of the spirituality of indigenous peoples. It touches on the many ways in which, worldwide, non-acknowledgment and active disrespect violate the dignity of non-scriptural communities’ beliefs.

IARF – Sacred Grove from UUA International on Vimeo.

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