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    Grant Proposal Form

    The International Association for Religious Freedom welcomes your interest in our grant making program.
    Please read about the grant process, the criteria and deadlines here. Please answer all questions below marked as required and attach the documents you will be asked for.

    Date of submission:
    Name of submitting organisation: Required
    Address: Required
    Contact person: Required
    Phone: Required
    E-mail: Required
    Website address:
    Project title:
    Project start date: Required
    IARF grant amount requested (in USD) Required
    Projected income from other sources (in USD): Required
    Total project budget (in USD): Required
    Annual operating budget (in USD): Required
    Have you received a grant from IARF before? Required
    If so, what was the purpose of the previous grant, and what did the project evaluation show about future work?

    Banking Information
    Details needed for transfer of funds.

    Beneficiary name and address: Required
    Beneficiary account number (IBAN): Required
    Beneficiary bank and bank address: Required
    BIC/SWIFT Required
    Corresponding bank, if any
    Other information that may be necessary to transfer money to your bank:

    Background information about the organisation 

    If your organisation is officially registered in your country, please provide the registration number and the name of the government body with which it is registered. If it is not registered, please explain briefly why. Required
    Mission and purpose of the organisation: Required
    Overview of programmes run by the organisation: Required
    Please describe the governance/organizational structure of your organization - include the number of staff, volunteers, board members, etc. as well as the names of key staff members/directors and board of directors, if any: Required

    Project description
    Describe the project for which you are requesting funding. 

    Background and general information: Required
    Overall goal: Required
    Objective 1 Required
    Intended outcome of objective 1: Required
    Objective 2:
    Intended outcome of objective 2:
    Other objectives and intended outcomes, if you wish to specify them:
    Description of beneficiaries/targeted populations of this project: Required
    How many people will this project serve directly? How will they benefit? Required
    How many people with this project serve indirectly? How will they benefit? Required

    Please upload documents specified below. The size must not exceed 6 MB. The preferred format is PDF. 

    Organisation's budget: Required
    Project budget: Required
    Project timeline: Required


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