Our new working groups


We are thrilled to announce the formation and revitalization of several working groups within our organization, marking a significant step forward in our journey towards enhancing and expanding our offerings to both our members and the broader public. These initiatives emerge directly from the valuable feedback and aspirations shared by our members during the last Congress, reflecting a collective commitment to not only refine our operations but also to reimagine our future. Addressing key facets of our organization’s activities and strategic planning, these working groups are vital in steering us toward what lies ahead. As we embark on this exciting phase of development, we cordially invite our members – that is those affiliated with member organizations, chapters, and individual members – to join us in this endeavor. This is a unique opportunity to lend your creativity, dedicate your time, and share your expertise, contributing significantly to the growth and transformation of IARF. Together, let’s shape a vibrant future for our organization, making it more responsive to the needs of our community and the world at large.


Volunteering with the IARF offers an opportunity to engage with a global community dedicated to promoting free religion, religious freedom and interfaith dialogue. We are on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who are keen to contribute their creativity and passion to shaping the future of the IARF. Our volunteers are vital in driving our mission forward, working on tasks such as preparing recommendations for the International Council and the General Meeting, organizing events (primarily virtual), consulting and polling our membership, and networking with other liberal religious organizations.

To be part of this transformative journey, volunteers must be members of the IARF, whether through a Chapter, a Member organization, or as individual members. The work within our groups involves a dynamic mix of activities. Communication and collaboration are facilitated through our community platform on iarf.net, emails, and online meetings.

Each group benefits from the support and guidance of the Secretary, Lukasz Liniewicz, who assists with technical, communication, and material matters, ensuring the smooth operation of the group’s activities. Core members of each group include International Council Members, with the President, Treasurer, and other Council Members actively collaborating and available for conversations and consultations. Groups are encouraged to elect a leader or organizer to streamline their efforts, with the Secretary serving as the common point of contact.

This volunteering opportunity is not just about contributing your time and skills; it’s about being part of a global movement that values freedom, diversity, inclusivity, and the power of liberal religious thought to effect positive change in the world. If you are driven by a desire to make a difference and are ready to engage in meaningful work alongside like-minded individuals, we warmly invite you to join us in this endeavor.


Our Secretary, Luke Liniewicz, will be happy to assist you and provide detailed information about joining the working groups. He will also direct you to people responsible for each one. Please send your inquiries to luke@iarf.net.

Individual Working Groups

By-Laws Working Group

The By-Laws Workgroup is a pivotal initiative within our organization, tasked with the critical mission of reviewing and updating our foundational documents to ensure they reflect the current realities and future aspirations of the IARF. This workgroup is dedicated to a comprehensive, step-by-step process that begins with a deep familiarization with our existing by-laws and constitution, identifying areas ripe for improvement, and engaging our vibrant community for their input and consensus.

Our approach is methodical and inclusive, aiming to ensure legal compliance, clarity, and accessibility in our documents, making them understandable and relevant to all members. By looking into best practices, particularly from similar organizations and British charity law, and developing draft revisions with meticulous care, we aim to craft documents that are not only legally sound but also reflect the collective will of our membership.

Facilitating open discussions is at the heart of our process, creating a platform for all voices to be heard and considered. This collaborative spirit extends to planning the transition to new by-laws, ensuring a smooth implementation that is communicated clearly to our members. 

We are committed to a patient, positive journey towards refining our organizational foundation, recognizing the significance of this task in strengthening the IARF. This workgroup represents not just a commitment to legal and procedural excellence, but also to the values of participation, transparency, and forward-thinking that we strive to emrace in all aspects of our operation. We invite members who share these values and have a keen interest in shaping the future of the IARF to join us in this important work.

Goals and Mission Working Group

The Goals and Mission Working Group stands as a cornerstone effort to ensure that the IARF remains at the forefront of its field, responsive to the evolving needs of our community and the broader landscape in which we operate. This group embarks on a reflective journey, starting from our very roots by revisiting the organization’s founding principles to garner insights that illuminate our path forward.

Understanding the paramount importance of relevance in today’s rapidly changing world, this working group is tasked with critically evaluating our current mission and goals. Through a deliberate process that involves the rich tapestry of our stakeholders—member groups, chapters, individual members, volunteers, and the beneficiaries of our work—we aim to ensure that our mission is defined in a way that is faithful to our roots and aligned with the needs and opinions of our memberhip today.

Setting clear, achievable goals is at the heart of our endeavor, with each goal designed to be both ambitious and realistic, thereby laying down a strategic roadmap for our organization’s aspirations. These goals, in turn, are aligned with our overarching mission, ensuring a unified and purposeful direction for all our efforts. The emphasis on inclusivity and diversity throughout this process is not just a commitment but a strategy to enhance our organization’s impact and relevance.

Benchmarking against best practices from similar organizations offers us the opportunity to infuse our mission and goals with fresh ideas and proven strategies, enriching our approach and outcomes. The communication of our refined mission and goals is envisioned to be both clear and inspiring, aimed at rallying our internal and external communities around our shared vision.

Integration of our mission and goals into every facet of our organization’s activities ensures that our daily operations and strategic planning are imbued with our core values and objectives. Recognizing the dynamic nature of our work, the Goals and Mission Working Group also plans for regular reviews of our mission and goals, ensuring they remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing circumstances we navigate.

Celebration of milestones is key to our strategy, acknowledging the hard work and achievements along our journey. This not only boosts morale but also visibly demonstrates the impact of our collective efforts in achieving our mission. This working group is a clarion call to all members who are passionate about guiding the IARF towards a future that is both impactful and aligned with our foundational principles.

Internships and Volunteers Working Group

The Internship Working Group is instrumental in shaping a dynamic and impactful internship program that aligns with the core mission and values of the IARF. This group is dedicated to crafting a program that not only offers significant professional development opportunities but also integrates the interns into the heart of our organizational activities, embodying our commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Our primary goal is to define clear, attainable objectives for the internship program, ensuring that every role provides substantial learning experiences that contribute to the intern’s personal and professional growth. By moving beyond the traditional view of internships as being filled with menial tasks, we aim to design meaningful opportunities that genuinely enhance the interns’ skills and understanding of our field.

The implementation of a structured program is crucial, providing clear guidelines, expectations, and outcomes for both interns and supervisors. This structure is complemented by a supportive environment, where mentors are not just supervisors but also enthusiastic guides who offer constructive feedback and encouragement.

Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of our recruitment strategy, recognizing that a varied intern cohort enriches the program for everyone involved. Our active recruitment efforts extend across colleges, universities, vocational schools, and community organizations, with a keen interest in exploring virtual internships to broaden our reach further.

Educational workshops and training sessions form a core part of the internship experience, offering knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to our vision and mission. Coupled with a regular feedback and evaluation process, these initiatives ensure that interns are not only aware of their progress but also feel valued and recognized for their contributions.

Continuous improvement is a guiding principle for the Internship Working Group, with regular reviews and updates based on feedback from both interns and supervisors. This iterative approach ensures the program remains relevant, effective, and aligned with the evolving needs of our organization and those we serve.

Through the Internship Working Group, the IARF leverages the energy, fresh ideas, and diverse perspectives of interns, nurturing them not just as temporary team members but as potential future leaders within our organization.

Publications Working Group

The Publications and Communication Working Group plays a crucial role in shaping the voice and narrative of the IARF. Tasked with the responsibility of ensuring all our communications and publications not only align with but also actively promote our mission and core values, this group serves as the heartbeat of our external and internal messaging efforts.

Leveraging a wide array of communication channels, from our website and newslette to social media and press releases, the group is dedicated to reaching diverse audience segments. 

Quality and accuracy stand as the non-negotiable pillars of our publication process, with rigorous fact-checking and proofreading ensuring the integrity of our communications. Engaging our audience in meaningful dialogues, we invite feedback and interaction, fostering a vibrant, two-way communication channel that enhances our community’s cohesion and engagement.

Through the development of a consistent editorial calendar and the incorporation of multimedia elements, we aim to keep our audience engaged and informed, enhancing the accessibility and appeal of our communications. Regularly monitoring feedback and adapting our strategies in response, we remain agile and responsive to our audience’s evolving needs.

Accessibility is a key priority, ensuring that our communications are inclusive and accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Celebrating our achievements and milestones openly not only boosts morale within our community but also showcases our collective impact to the wider world.

Supporting our team members with training and resources is essential for maintaining high standards of communication. By building positive relationships with media outlets and being proactive in our crisis communication, we ensure that our voice remains strong and clear, even in challenging times.

The Publications and Communication Working Group is more than just a conduit for information; it’s a storyteller, weaving the rich tapestry of our organization’s achievements, visions, and values into a narrative that inspires, informs, and connects. Through strategic, engaging, and professional communications, we aim to significantly amplify the IARF’s presence and impact on a global scale.

Membership Working Group

The Membership Working Group is a key initiative aimed at strengthening and expanding the IARF’s community. This group’s mission is to ensure that our organization continues to grow in both size and impact, by making our unique value proposition clear and appealing to both current and potential members. By focusing on what makes our organization distinct and valuable, we aim to empower our members to become effective ambassadors of our mission and to foster the growth of our community.

Feedback from our current members is invaluable in shaping our approach, allowing us to adapt our offerings to better meet the needs and preferences of our community, especially aiming to appeal to younger demographics. Celebrating member achievements publicly not only recognizes their contributions but also illustrates the tangible benefits of being part of our organization.

The Membership Working Group is dedicated to a continuous cycle of learning and improvement, embracing strategies to attract new members while enriching the experience of our current community. Through these efforts, we aim to build a more vibrant, inclusive, and impactful IARF.

International Collaboration Working Group

The International Fora Working Group embodies our commitment to advocating for religious freedom and human rights on a global stage. As an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) with the United Nations, our goal is to meticulously coordinate and enhance our efforts across major international bodies, including but not limited to the UN in Geneva and New York, the Council of Europe, and the European Parliament. This group serves as the backbone of our representation and advocacy work, supporting our representatives and furthering our mission in various international arenas related to human rights, with a particular focus on religious freedom and the rights of minorities.

Our work is deeply informed by the principles of liberal religious thought, emphasizing the utmost respect for the individual freedom of all human beings. This perspective guides our approach to representing and defending the stance of religious freedom at these international forums. We are dedicated to supporting persecuted religious groups, especially those aligned with liberal religious values, and are committed to challenging and working against the imposition of blasphemy laws and any instances where religion is misused to limit individual freedoms rather than to enhance them.

The International Fora Working Group focuses on building and maintaining robust relationships with various umbrella and network organizations of NGOs, as well as networks of liberal religious groups, to foster a collaborative approach towards advocating for our core values. Our activities include, but are not limited to, preparing statements, coordinating advocacy efforts, and participating in key meetings and conferences that align with our mission.

This working group plays a critical role in ensuring that the IARF’s voice is heard loud and clear in the international community, advocating for policies and practices that respect and promote religious freedom and individual rights. Through strategic engagement and collaboration, we aim to influence the global discourse on religious freedom, contributing to a world where every individual’s right to faith and belief is protected and respected.

The International Fora Working Group calls upon members who are passionate about human rights, religious freedom, and international advocacy to join us in this vital endeavor. Together, we can make a significant impact, leveraging our collective expertise and commitment to uphold the dignity and freedom of individuals across the globe, regardless of their religious or belief system.

Institute for the Study of Free Religion

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new venture: the establishment of the Institute for the Study of Free Religion. This pioneering online institute is crafted to offer insightful and transformative learning experiences, focusing on the exploration of religion as a liberating force against oppression, aggression, addictions, and various forms of enslavement. It’s an endeavor that aims to illuminate the path to freedom through the lens of religious and spiritual understanding.

We are set to offer an expansive catalog of over 50 online courses, featuring both video and written content, to provide a comprehensive and accessible learning experience. These courses will delve into the religious and spiritual experiences and wisdom from the diverse traditions represented within our member groups, offering a broad and inclusive perspective on what it means to find liberation through faith.

Our vision is to cultivate a space where knowledge and understanding flourish, bridging divides and fostering a deeper sense of interfaith cooperation and dialogue.

This initiative is more than just an educational program; it’s a movement towards fostering a global community that values freedom, respect, and understanding across all walks of life. We invite you to join us in this remarkable journey, contributing your expertise, passion, and vision to help shape a world that celebrates diversity and champions the liberating power of faith. Together, let’s create a legacy of learning and cooperation that transcends boundaries and transforms lives.

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