Kenya Chapter – Founding Meeting

IARF Kenya Chapter – Founding  Meeting

Midview Hotel, Nairobi
20 July 2013

The National Governing Council members were elected as follows:

1.            National Chairman:- Bishop Michael Wafula

2.            Vice-Chairman:- Pastor Singh Rao

3.            Secretary General: – Rev. Lawrence Adera

4.            Deputy Secretary: –  Ev. Jeconiah Odundo

5.            National Treasurer: –  Bishop Martin Mwambu

6.            Assistant Treasurer: –  Pastor Daniel Kimakon

Council Members

-Bishop Peter Odede
-Bishop George Arina
-Bishop Difas Mashinde
-Imam Aden Hossen
-Pastor Celesna Mkuloba
-Judith Awuor Okok
-Sheikh Godrana Guyo
-Pastor Tom Lantei

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  • The council members endorsed the new elected National Governing Council and mandated them to proceed to register & open a bank account for the IARF Chapter.
  • The members also agreed that the office will remain at International Life House under the administration of the Secretary General, Rev. Lawrence Adera.

There are six regions, each with two representatives:

1.            Nairobi – Rev. Lawrence Adera & Amb. Dr. Jared Onyari

2.            Western – Bishop Martin Mwambu & Celvsna Mkuloba

3.            Nyanza South – Bishop Peter Odede & Bishop George Arina

4.            South Rift – Bishop Michael Wafula & Bishop Difas Masinde

5.            Central Nyanza – Ev. Jeconiah Ondiek Odundo & Judith Awuor Okok

6.            South Rift – Pastor Daniel Kimakon & Pastor Tom Lantei

 Account of the meeting:

•             The meeting started at 10.30am with all 46 founder members present making their registrations.

•             The meeting was opened ceremoniously  by the leaders of the various religious groups  offering prayers, the first from Bishop Peter Odede of Flaming River Church followed by others.

•             The new IARF Kenya chapter anchor person Rev. Lawrence Adera then welcomed all members to the IARF Kenya Chapter inauguration.
Members appreciated him for the great work of organizing such a wonderful meeting. With a few remarks from some members and Bishop Michael Wafula, Rev. Lawrence Adera was endorsed as the IARF Kenya Chapter Secretary General and CEO in charge of administration. He was given mandates to guide the meeting as programmed.

•             The Secretary then gave his introductory speech, and members cheered at the end:

“Praise the Lord Brethrens, Shalom!
First I would like to thank you all for accepting my request to attend this meeting. I also would like to thank all of you for taking your time to be an IARF community in Kenya.

I can say that we are blessed to be IARF community, and this is by the grace of God.

I further take this opportunity to thank the president of IARF the Most Rev. Mitsuo Miyake of Japan, the IARF secretariat office, the Administrator brother Robert Papini at the IARF secretariat office, our beloved brother Bishop Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri and Rev. Yukari Miwa and not forgetting Rev. Takahiro Miwa the Chief Priest of Hiyoshi Shinto Shrine, for their support towards the formation of the IARF Kenya Chapter.
I would also like to recognize the whole IARF council members who participated in voting to the formation of IARF Kenya Chapter. [A huge clap for them].

To our brother Bishop Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri for his voluntary work to introduce African communities into IARF: ’May God bless him for that’.
To IARF administrator brother Robert Papini, I thank him for all the support he has shown towards the formation of IARF Kenya chapter.

As an IARF community, we are committed to fulfilling the mission of the IARF in Africa as a whole.
I therefore thank all members who have  demonstrated their interest to join the IARF community in Kenya.

May God bless you all. Welcome”.

•             Members from all the six regions that were presented then introduced themselves.

•             Introduction to IARF – by Rev. Lawrence Adera

•             Presentation on Interfaith  – by Amb. Dr. Jared Onyari

•             Presentation on Human Rights Education – by Tervil Okoko

  • For the election of Regional Representatives, each region was given some few minutes to consult and present two people of their choice.  (see above)
  • The regional representatives then agreed among themselves to elect a National Council by proposing and seconding. (see above)

•            Members who did not meet the fees target, were asked to pay before the month of August ends so that they are not left out when the final lists are sent to the IARF Headquarters.

•             The council also proposed that regional events be put in place once there are some funds. At least one event was proposed for each regions.

•             The next meeting will be for the National Governing Council and shall be communicated  as soon as the registration is done through the Secretary General.

•             Lastly we received a word of prayers from Bishop George Arina

•             The meeting was adjourned at 5pm, and members went for lunch.

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