An IARF Podcast with guests or interviews

We – or the President/admin/a team of volunteers – could talk to invited guests from time to time about issues related to our profile. It could be a series of interviews or podcasts. Topics could include: religious freedom, liberal religion, human rights as well as broader philosophical, theologial and historial matters, and guests could include […]

A Dissertation Contest

Similar to the Essay/Paper Contest idea, but for dissertations that would be related to our profile/mission/interests, however we define them. Could be used in place of or as an addition to the other. Several NGOs do that.

An Essay/Paper Contest

We could invite submissions for an essay or academic paper contest on a specific topic, e.g. “What is Liberal Religion” – or any other that is connected to our profile and mission. We could do it annually and offer some monetary awards as well as perhaps work with a journal that would find the theme […]

Liberal religion and religious freedom related news aggregator

Create a separate news section on the homepage with news taken from different sources related to liberal religion and religious freedom. We could automate the process and perhaps review the stories before they are published.