“Quest On: The Call, The Way, The Hope” 2008 Gulbrandsen Lecture

At the conclusion of the Natalie Gulbrandsen Day at Meadville Lombard Theological School on May 8th, the Rev. Richard Boeke gave the main address challenging us to renew our commitment to interfaith dialogue and understanding. He used as the format for his address questions that had been sent to him by the Rev. Eric Cherry who is the International and Interfaith Officer for the UUA. Richard answered these questions and they can be found here (click to view PDF).

Before you look for these answers, why don’t you answer them and let us know your thoughts.
1. Why are you so committed? Why do you continue to quest on? What is the motivation for Unitarian Universalist involvement in interfaith and international outreach?
2. What is the call? What moves us out of our shell to engagement with the wider world?
3. What do Unitarian Universalists know about "The Way" and this promise of safety, health, community and peace? What are the spiritual benefits of international engagement?
4. What feeds or sustains the interfaith and international engagement of a Unitarian Universalist Congregation? What sustains our Hope?

These are excellent questions and need to be addressed when the budge cuts of our Unitarian Universalist Association have been severe in terms of supporting IARF. We challenge you to take a moment and let us know your answers!

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