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Vivekananda – Archetypal Hero or Doubting Saint

 Author: George M. Williams  Category:  Download

Despite adhering to ancient teachings, Vivekananda’s novel contribution lies in the application of these principles to solve social problems, offering a practical Vedanta approach. He promoted liberation from suffering through knowledge of one’s true nature as the Unmanifested and encouraged action in the world without selfish motives for the benefit of all beings. He foresaw a future where the principles of Vedanta would revolutionize society, and everyone would grow according to their own nature, realizing their divinity.

Vivekananda’s teachings stressed the unity of existence, pushing for liberation from dualistic customs and superstitions, which he believed would lead to a harmonious Golden Age. Despite his declining health, he continued his spiritual quest with dignity and serenity, demonstrating the transformative power of his teachings in facing life’s greatest challenge—death.

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