Human Rights Day Observed by the Visakhapatnam Branch

On Saturday, December 10th 2022, the BV Foundation for Peace and Harmony and the India Chapter of the International Association for Religious Freedom Visakhapatnam Branch organized a special meeting to mark World Human Rights Day. The event was held at the SVVP VMC Degree and PG Courses seminar hall in MVP Colney, Visakhapatnam. The purpose of the meeting was to educate degree and PG students about human rights and their role in protecting them.

Prof. Narava Prakasa Rao, International Council Member of the IARF, presided over the meeting. He emphasized the need for young people to be aware of various issues and to act responsibly in safeguarding their rights. He also emphasized that today’s youth are not useless, but rather their potential is underused. If they are motivated and their potential is utilized properly, they can make significant contributions towards building a just society.

The chief guest of the event, Prof. A. Rajendra Prasad, former Vice Chancellor of Nagarjuna University, called on the students to become change agents and work towards protecting human rights. He also emphasized the need for stronger enforcement of the Human Rights Act of 1993 and for the framing of rules under the Act to make it an effective law. He pointed out that the most vulnerable sections of society, such as children and women, often have their human rights violated and therefore there is an urgent need to increase awareness of human rights among these groups.

A debate competition was also held among the students on this occasion. Other attendees at the event included Dr. K. Rajesh, Principal of the Degree college, Sambasiva Rao, Principal of the Junior college, Dr. Appa Rao, NSS Coordinator, Dr. Ganesh Babji, Mrs. Syamala, and others.

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