Board reports

You will find here annual reports of the Governing Board and minutes of General Body meetings. The documents shall be supplemented and updated soon.


Minutes of the 2014 General MeetingMinutes of the General Meeting held on 26th August 2014 at the University of Birmingham, England, UK.2014PDFGeneral Meeting minutes
Report to membership on the 2011 meeting of CouncilCouncil (2010 to 2014) first full meeting 29th, 30th March 2011, Kyoto.2011PDFReport to membership
Minutes of First Session of General Meeting 2010Minutes of the General Meeting 5-6 September 2010, Kochi, India2010PDFGeneral Meeting minutes
Minutes of General Meeting 29 March 2011Special GM, Kyoto - part of Council meeting 20112011PDFGeneral Meeting minutes
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