Unitarianism & the web

People have often asked me whether the Web design was influenced by Unitarian Universalist philosophy. I have to say that it wasn’t explicitly, as I developed the Web well before I came across Unitarian Universalism at all. But looking back on it, I suppose that there are some parallels between the philosophies.

Islam & Buddhism

  The Common Ground project This is an important and pioneering book, which seeks to find common ground between the teachings of Islam and of Buddhism. It is my hope that on the basis of this common ground, followers of each tradition may come to appreciate the spiritual truths their different paths entail, and from […]

TED conversation: A “U.N.” for Religions?

  Feb-March 201285 comments I’m thinking of a way to bring the religious leaders of every religion, cult, sect or any other religious beliefs representatives together  

Shinto and Japanese New Religions

 On Shinto  Shinto scripture   Shinto Kokusai Gakkai (Japanese research body)   Encyclopaedia of Shinto   National Christian Council in Japan – Center for the Study of Japanese Religions   On “NEW RELIGIONS” Tenri-kyo Konko-kyo