Pakistan Chapter’s Peace Day Celebration

Briefly about IARF Pakistan: IARF Pakistan strives to promote peace and harmony among Islam and minority religions, including many Christians, Bahai, Sikh and others. Bahai and Sikh have proper relations and coexist well with Muslims, but there are tensions between the Muslim and Christian communities. We organize peace meetings with representatives of all faiths to discuss and promote tolerance […]

State-level Interfaith Fest, TamilNadu


Guidelines for arranging group visits to Houses of Worship

  From Scarboro Missions, comprehensive guidelines for visiting houses of worship of various faiths, authored by renowned Canadian multifaith educator, JW Windland.          

Beyond the Dysfunctional Family

  Jews, Christians and Muslims in Dialogue With Each Other and With Britain   This book is the fruit of 15 years of face-to-face interfaith dialogue [in Britain] between practitioners of the three Abrahamic faith communities, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.      

All-Religions Conference, Manujoti Ashram

Manujothi Ashram, Sathianagaram, Tiruneliveli, Tamilnadu (India)19th July 2012  IARF leaders were invited to join the 43rd Kalki Jayanthi Celebrations of Manujothi Ashram, as a fellowship day of world religions to promote universal brotherhood and unity of India. Manujothi Ashram was founded by Lord Lahari Krishna as a place for worship, living and meditating together. Rest of report: All-Religions […]